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Heavy Handmade Silver Toggle Bracelet

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This unique chain is handmade with solid Argentium Sterling Silver.  The links are formed one by one, each individually soldered and formed from 12 gauge silver.  This thickness gives the chain such a nice, solid feel!  I hand hammer the sterling silver before forming all of the links to give it a very subtle texture all of the way around each link.  After polishing the chain to a high reflective shine, this subtle texture adds just a bit of sparkle and dimension.  I hand stamped the quality hallmark for Argentium Sterling Silver on the toggle ring which marks the high quality 940 pure silver content and the unicorn Argentium Silver logo.  Traditional sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver while this Argentium Sterling Silver is 94% pure silver.  This translates into a metal that is brighter white in color and 7 times slower to tarnish so you won't need to polish your chain like you might with sterling silver.  Argentium Silver is also hyporallergenic, nickel free and sustainable as it's made from recycled silver.  This design really shows off the beauty of this metal with it's nice solid weight, dimensional links with subtle hammered facets and bright, shiny polished finish. 

The bracelet measures 7" long.  If you need the length adjusted we are usually able to accomodate by adding or remvoing some of the small rings before the toggle bar.

The clasp is a toggle closure, it's designed to be secure since the bar is more than twice the length of the inner diameter of the circle so it stays clasped while wearing.