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Heavy Toggle Bracelet

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* The toggle clasp is secure as the length of the bar is more than twice the size of the opening of the circle so it's easy to put on but won't slip off unintentionally.

* This bracelet measures 7". I am wearing this in the photos shown on and my wrist is 6" around to give a reference for how the fit will be. We can adjust this if the 7" length will not work for you, please reach out with any custom length requests, we are happy to accommodate!

* This bracelet weighs 19.2 grams and is handmade with solid sterling silver.

* I stamped the toggle ring with the hallmark for Argentium Sterling Silver, this is a unicorn logo and the numbers 940 to signify the pure silver content of 94%. (Traditional sterling silver is only 92.5% pure silver)

* Handmade with Argentium Sterling silver - see below for more about this unique metal!

This unique chain bracelet is handmade with solid, nickel free sterling silver. It has a very solid feel and nice heavy weight to it. Each link is formed by hand, securely soldered and welded shut for a permanent join and then the larger links are hand hammered for texture and dimension. The bracelet is polished to a high reflective shine to catch the light beautifully from every angle. The secure toggle clasp is easy to put on and this chain is sure to become a favorite, so easy to dress up or down! I used Argentium sterling silver for this entire bracelet chain as it contains more pure silver (94%) than traditional sterling silver (92.5%). This high quality sterling silver is anti tarnish, brighter white in color and holds a beautiful polish that will age beautifully over time. I like using top quality materials to make a chain from scratch as it's a labor intensive process and using this high grade of silver makes the process enjoyable and the end result is so worth it!

We handcraft this design with Argentium Silver. Why do we choose Argentium?

* Argentium contains more pure silver (93.5%) than traditional sterling silver which has (92.5%) pure silver

* Naturally brighter and whiter in color than any other precious metal.

* Tarnish resistant. It maintains a bright shiny finish about 7 times longer than sterling silver.

* Hypoallergenic. Argentium Silver is 100% nickel free so it’s hypoallergenic and can be worn by many people who can’t wear traditional sterling silver due to allergies.

* Argentium Silver is created from 100% recycled silver.

We use Argentium Silver in our jewelry because we want to create pieces with quality materials so our jewelry can be effortlessly enjoyed for years to come!

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