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Handmade Oval Link Toggle Necklace

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This chain is handmade with solid, Argentium Sterling Silver, it measures 20" end to end and it's ready to ship.  Each link is carefully formed, linked together, securely welded shut and then formed into an oval.  The chain is polished to a high reflective shine to catch the light beautifully.  I created a toggle clasp for this necklace as well as a small charm to signify the quality of the Argentium Sterling Silver which is 94% pure silver with the numbers 940 as well as the branded unicorn logo for Argentium Silver.  Traditional sterling silver is 92.5% pure silver and is alloyed with a number of things to make up the rest with a large percentage of copper.  Argentium in addition to having a higher pure silver content is also very transparent about the other alloyed metals so it's certified nickel free, hypoallergenic and contains less copper which translates into silver that is about 7 times slower to tarnish as well as having a brighter white color.  Argentium is a joy to work with as it is cleaner to solder and putting in the time to create a handmade chain I like to use the best materials avaialble to me.  You will appreciate the luxurious low maintenance finish this silver provides and since we use Argentium silver in all of our designs this chain will pair beautifully with any of our pendants.  

* This chain meausres 20" end to end and it's ready to ship.  

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