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About Us

Hello and thanks so much for checking out our website, we're happy you're here! We are Paul and Roxann Lizardi, the husband and wife team behind Lizardi Jewelry. In February of 2006, we opened up our first retail store in the Enfield Square Mall in Connecticut. Since that day, we have worked side by side to build our business, grow our skills and learn everything we can about making jewelry. We are inspired by the art of metalwork and the endless possibilities that can be achieved with fire, hammers, saws and a little imagination. In 2015 we decided to switch the name of our business from Roxy's Jewelry to Lizardi Jewelry so if you are wondering about the new name, it's still us!  

We work together in our home studio crafting sterling silver jewelry.  We don't work with other metals so you can be sure that anything we sell will be made with solid, nickel free sterling silver.  We use Argentium Sterling Silver in our designs which is a higher grade of pure silver that is hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant.  The formula is 94% pure silver compared to traditional sterling silver which is 92.5% silver.  We love working with this material not just for it's long term durability and shine but because it's a joy to solder and form.

Because this is what we both do full time, we are able to really get things made and shipped out quickly even though every piece of jewelry is handcrafted. We take great pride in everything that we do from creating our designs to packaging and shipping. I think it's the small things that set us apart and have helped in our success. We include care instructions and a gift box with every piece of jewelry. We get orders out quickly and emails answered right away. We are very picky about our materials and we never cut corners. Of all of the hundreds of tiny decisions we make for our business, we always choose what we hope will exceed your expectations and make doing business with us a memorable and positive experience.

Thanks so much for taking an interest in our creations!
- Roxann and Paul Lizardi