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Leaf Hoop Earrings

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Handcrafted with nickel free sterling silver, these unique hoop earrings are perfect for every day.  I formed the leaf shapes and layered them into a heavier sterling silver wire.  They are all soldered together, gently hammered for a subtle texture and then polished to a high reflective shine to catch the light just right.  Designed to be really lighweight and comfortable to wear, these are sure to become a favorite pair and would go with anything!

* Total length from top to bottom measures 1.3" and they measure 1.1" across

* Due to the handmade process and that we create each component individually by hand there are some slight variations.  These are made one by one and then carefully matched into pairs.  There is a photo showing many earrings all together so you can see the slight variations.  These are handmade in our studio with meticulous attention to detail.  

* These are created using Argentium Stering silver.  This is a brand of sterling silver that contains a higher percentage of pure silver than standard sterling silver as well as being recycled and guarnteed nickel free.  This alloy also is anti tarnish and brighter white in color.  You will enjoy low maintaince silver jewelry that keeps it's high shine!