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Hammered Circles Pendant

$32.00 - $92.00
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This unique pendant necklace is handmade with solid, nickel free sterling silver.  After forming the circles and soldering them closed, they are artfully hammered for texture and dimension.  The pendant is polished to a high reflective shine to catch the light beautifully from every angle.  Perfect for every day, one of those styles that just goes with anything and is so easy to dress up or down for any occasion!

* The bail is able to accomodate up to a 5.5mm chain ends and this is sold with or without a chain. 

* The largest circle measures 1" across and including the bail the pendand is 1.2" long

* We offer two different sterling silver chain options so you can decide if you would rather have a lightweight more suble chain or a heavier more pronounced chain.   You can also choose the length.

* A 2" extender is also included on the chain, the length listed will be the chain clasped on the shortest link and the extender chain will allow you to wear it up to 2" longer so you can adjust it to just the right length with different necklines. 

We handcraft this design with Argentium Silver. Why do we choose Argentium?

* Argentium contains more pure silver (93.5%) than traditional sterling silver which has (92.5%) pure silver

* Naturally brighter and whiter in color than any other precious metal.

* Tarnish resistant. It maintains a bright shiny finish about 7 times longer than sterling silver.

* Hypoallergenic. Argentium Silver is 100% nickel free so it’s hypoallergenic and can be worn by many people who can’t wear traditional sterling silver due to allergies.

* Argentium Silver is created from 100% recycled silver.

We use Argentium Silver in our jewelry because we want to create pieces with quality materials so our jewelry can be effortlessly enjoyed for years to come!