Herkimer Diamond Ring


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Handmade with solid sterling silver and authentic, top grade Herkimer Diamonds from the Herkimer mine in New York.  I was so excited to find a parcel of these beautiful gems and wanted to create a classic style that really highlighted their natural beauty.  Herkimer Diamonds are completely natural in shape, they aren't cut and faceted, they are faceted by nature, formed into this shape over time so the double terminated cyrstal points each have their own unique character.  These are very high quality so they all have well defined points, crisp facets and are clear with nice sparkle.  I created prong settings with sterling silver that wraps up around the stone.  I wanted something that had silver behind and around the stone so light would shine back through the stone and really make them pop.  I created a hand hammered halo around each stone and hammered the ring band to match.  These are polished to a high reflective shine to catch the light just right, they are comfortable to wear and fit true to size.  

Because the stones are natural and the settings are handmade each ring will have it's own unique characteristics.  The ring top measures 14mm and the stone sits approximately 4mm above the finger. 


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