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What's new for October!

handmade sterling silver and opal jewelry

For the last website update we did, we focused on making lots of opal jewelry. We had some gorgeous opals in stock just waiting to be set into something special.  Without realizing it we ended up working for about 6 weeks straight and made over 80 new things!!!  We were so full of pride and very excited to have so much new jewelry to share with you!  Then we realized what an overwhelming amount of photography, editing and listing we would need to do lol.  I get that there are always going to be parts of a job that are more enjoyable than others, but oh boy do I have a tough time with photography!  Just consider that each item needs about 5-7 photos to convey the size, shape, detail and everything about a piece.  It's a time consuming job.  Here's a pic Paul snapped of me during one of our photography days.  Not such a glamorous part of the job :)

jewelry photography

We took thousands of pictures and it was just so overwhelming and draining.  After it was all done, we decided we would really rather do the updates weekly so they would be more manageable.  So from now on you can expect brand new pieces to be listed each week!

Argentium sterling silver wire jewelry making

This was our first week back so on Wednesday we spent the whole day creating new pieces.  It was so much fun as we hadn't had a chance to do that in the last few weeks trying to finish up the computer work for all of the things we made in September.  I spent the first part of the day just playing with some wire, forming shapes and soldering it together.  I was really into this and loving what was emerging.

handmade sterling silver and natural stone jewelry

I was able to make large shapes without adding a ton of weight which is perfect for big earrings!!  It was kind of a challenge to make the shapes match up for a pair but I was so happy with the result.  I also thought it would be a cool base for necklace settings and give a unique look to a stone setting.  I was really excited about this and spent the whole rest of the day building on this idea and making components.  

rainbow moonstone earrings with leaf textured teardrop

handmade silver jewelry and stones

 Once I had created some pendants, I selected some small gemstones to wire wrap chains for them as I thought that would really go well with the open silver work on the settings.  This is how we store all of our stones, in small dishes all visible so it's easy to find exactly the right one for the design.

sterling silver, ocean jasper, labradorite, smoky quartz and pyrite

We both spent the whole day just being creative and designing new one of a kind pieces.  When we were all done, we had 10 things.  That is a completely manageable and even fun number of items to photograph!  Normally, we do photos inside by a window.  The weather was absolutely perfect on Thursday so we decided to take the new pieces on a field trip to the top of Soapstone Mountain and photograph them in nature.  It was really a great excuse to spend the day outside and soak up the perfect fall day :)   We spent a few hours photographing everything and then went on a hike.  Definitely something we will be doing each week if the weather permits.   We are so lucky to have such a beautiful location so close to home, it only takes us about 5 minutes to get to the mountain.  It made a lovely workplace, we can just pack a lunch and spend the whole day there getting our work done.  If only we could bring along the torch I would work there everyday!  

handmade sterling silver jewelry photography in nature

So that's what's new with us :)  We are back to our once per week with new listings and designs so be sure to check back often to see what's being created!